This summer women are encouraged to take part in a self study course following lessons outlined in GATHER magazine.  GATHER is the magazine of Women of the ELCA.  It offers a mix of articles, theological reflections, devotions and stories of comfort and challenge that help readers grow in faith and engage in ministry and action.

If you have questions about women’s bible study please contact  the church office or Jane McKenzie.


Lessons from Esther

The book of Esther is one of the latest writings of the Old Testament, perhaps written to inspire Jews who had been scattered in the diaspora. The narrative takes place in the court of the King of Persia, King Ahasuerus. Some think that it was written to explain and establish the Jewish festival of Purim.

This three session-study is brought to us by Kay Ward, a retired bishop of the Moravian Church who lives at Marquardt Manor, a Moravian retirement community in Watertown, Wisconsin.

·         Session one: For such a time as this: Esther the queen—Voices in the king’s court

·         Session two: For such a time as this: Esther saves the Jews—Finding our voices

·         Session three: For such a time as this: Remembering Esther: Using our voices


Group study starts up again in September - see the calendar for details