Music has always been such an integral part of our worship at Marin Lutheran. So when the COVID pandemic forced us to shut our doors for months, we had to get creative.  Thanks to the incredible talent, ingenuity and many many hours of work by Andrei Gorchov, pianist Laura Magnani, and our dedicated choir members, we were able to continue to enjoy beautiful music each week during our online services.  Every week Andrei sent each choir member their individual piece of music.  They recorded themselves singing or playing their parts and sent the recordings back to Andrei, who meticulously stitched all their voices together to create the wonderful music our congregation was privileged to experience each week.

On several occasions Andrei requested that the congregation send in photographs and these were edited together to accompany the choir singing songs such as EVERYDAY GOD.  As we all sheltered in place, the immense dedication of our Music Director, Andrei Gorchov, pianist Laura Magnani, and each choir member cannot be overstated!  It was a true labor of love for which our congregation remains forever grateful.  The results of just a few of the many recordings they created for us are here for you to enjoy…

To hear more music, including our 75th Anniversary Music Recital: Peace & Unity, click on the link below.

Link to our YouTube playlist of recorded music – Click here