Adult Education on Sunday Mornings
Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis


With this series we are going to wrestle with the topic of refugees. It’s a challenging subject, both at a local community level and from a national policy perspective. To bring perspective and meaningful conversations around this issue, Dialogues On: The Refugees Crisis offers unique perspectives from experienced authors from renowned organizations such as World Relief and Church World Service that provide insight into refugee stories and experiences.

Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis sessions offer differing dialogues on today’s situation for refugees in America, helping unpack the issue and drive conversations. We will explore these perspectives on three Sundays in December.

Date Class Topic Leader
Sunday, 12/8—11 am to noon Facing Our History Pastor Tom
Sunday, 12/15—11 am to noon Where Do We Go from Here? Pastor Tom
Sunday, 12/22—11 am to noon Where Do We go from Here? Pastor Tom